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The Burning Plague

Well the game went off with out a hitch. Everybody except Bungee who is on a film job showed up. Well the game went well. I really wished I had reread it again last night. That would have given me that little bit more familiarity. I kind of dropped the ball on the whole disease thing. I should have paid more attention to it. I might have been a little sharper. But being sick has worn me a little. But I know the players were happy. They got stuff. Which seems to make them happy. But on to the after action review.

The Burning Plague

The characters entered the town of Duriks Pass. The place had a run down feel. They stopped at the nearest tavern. The Weeping Weasel. They went inside to see a nasty old hag behind the bar and a couple locals at a table. They speak with the hag Agatha. Who pretty much insults them the whole time. Discriminating against them, as they are halflings. They insult her back. Barnaby constantly refers to her as a man. As the player states. My character really does think shes a man. Anyways this goes on for a little bit. Before she kicks them out.

They then wander down to the mayor office. They speak to him about the mines, and the curse. He is very condescending. Not thinking their was much good that could be done by a group of halflings. They gather what little info they can, before leaving.

They then head to the general store. In there they meet the owner Billy. A large rotund man. Who is very polite and nice to them. They purchase a few items. They inquire as to a good place to stay. He tells them that would either be the Weeping Weasel or the Church. As sister Sophia takes in people. They go with the church. As their last experience at the Weeping Weasel was less than desirable. They visit the church and stay the night. The next day heading to the mine. As when they points the key they had found previously. It growled loudly when it was pointed at the mines.

They head up the mountain to the mine. They get there and find the entrance deserted. As they enter they notice that their was a battle in this shaft. Evidenced by the chips and cuts in the supports that line the shaft. They end up in a small square room containing two over turned ore carts, with a body wedged under one. To east is a door and to the west is another tunnel. The key growling to the west. They search the area finding a trap. That would have released a thunder stone if they had not disarmed it. They find a couple pieces of silver ore for their trouble.

Next they go to the door. They open it to find a mess hall. Two of the tables in the back are flipped over. With kobolds using them as cover. The was the beginning of the 20's. Now let me step out of the review for a moment. I rolled more 20's against the players than I have rolled ever. If I was playing a character. It would have been the most joyfullest session ever. But as a DM. It turned a scenario designed for 1st level characters and made it hell. Back to the review. The characters had a lot of trouble with these kobolds. But they finally overcame them. They searched the bodies finding a gem, some gold, and an iron key.

At the back of the room is a locked heavy door. The key they found just happens to open it. They opened it up to find the Larder. The room that food is stored in. As they are checking out a cluster of barrels. They unleash a swarm of rats. As they fight the rat swarm. The ranger is fighting them from the near the doorway. Then from out behind a pile of flour sacks. A dire weasel jumps out and attacks. Augustus would have fared better. But missed the weasel on his second attack. Which he surely would have felled him. But instead was knocked down to zero hit points. Knocking him unconscious. Phineas moved in and took out the dire weasel. Shortly after that they did away with the rats, and healed Augustus. (For those of you that read the adventure as published. The trap that was present in the larder was more than I wanted to deal with. Especially after the amazingly hard time the players had with the kobolds in the mess hall. So I deleted it.)

Next they moved back to the cart room and down the opposite hall. With the key had growled toward earlier. They traveled down this sloping passage. Avoiding the pit trap at the end of the tunnel. The tunnel opened in to a great cavern full of stalagmites. The western wall glinted of silver in spots as well as having a cavern about twenty feet up. From this cave ropes came down affixed at the top. Suddenly four kobolds appeared at the mouth of the cavern. Firing down at the characters. They all quickly hid behind the stalagmites. Except Augustus. Who began firing back at the kobolds. The other characters attacked back as well. Throwing daggers. Only the druid was successful. Augustus killed off the rest. It was then they heard a voice calling to them from up above in broken common. He told them he wanted to make a deal. Urging them to take out the "demon" at the end of the tunnels. They pretty much told them what he could do with his deal. They began climbing up the wall with the ropes. As they did. They saw a kobold. Trying to cut Barnabys rope. Well Barnaby got to him first. Grabbing him by the throat before he could finish cutting the rope. Throwing him down to the cavern floor below. They saw at the back of the cavern the kobold chieftain, and three warriors. They charged them. Focusing on the chief. Even though he managed to cast a spell. (Ray of Frost) They quickly dispatched him. then the rest of his crew.

Searching the cavern they not only found treasure. But a concealed entrance to a side compartment. Their they found the encampment of the kobolds. Now empty save for two kobold children huddled under a cloak. They characters tied up the kids and made camp for the night. As they were hurting and wanted to heal up. During the night they heard noises in the next room. Going to investigate. They found that half the bodies were missing. They returned to sleep.

The next day they ventured back down into the big cavern. Following the unexplored tunnel at the back of the cavern. This was a deeply sloping passage. That increased in heat the deeper they traveled. Till they reached a hot bowl shaped room. This room they rank. Filled with dead rotting bodies, and rats. As they entered four dead miners, and four dead kobolds, rose to greet them. They battled them. Which again took a toll on them. But they did over come them. (Which brings about a question from me. Why the hell are zombie kobolds so much tougher than regular? 4 average hit points to 16 hit points seems like quite a leap but whatever.)

Well they kept on moving coming to the final chamber of the mines. This caver featured a pool of murky water that poured into a hole on the wall. In the center of this pool. Is a tall stone pillar featuring strange glyphs carved in it. Suddenly Barnby felt strange for a moment, that quickly passed. (Their opponent tried to cast hold person on him. But he made his save.) The fiend revealed himself. A sickly orc, dressed in strange priestly robes. He began firing a cross bow at them. The barbarians moved around to the stair case up the pillar. While Augustus and Gaylen attacked from range. As the Barbarian brothers closed the gap. They became engulfed in darkness. They pressed on. Suddenly being attacked. This goes on for a couple rounds. Till Barnaby hears in orcish. "To hell with this." followed by a big splash. August and Gaylen see the orc jump down into the water. Followed shortly after by the barbarians. They quickly ganged up on him finally taking him down. He had quite a bit of treasure. Which the players gladly took. Searching at the top of the pillar. Which the key when pointed at growled loudly. They found another key and parchment.

Which had the same rhyme/poem

5 Keys
5 Keys to Wealth
5 Keys to Power
5 Keys to Salvation
5 Keys to the Vault of the Archon
1 Finds another
The Last Finds the Vault

The map shows the road from Duriks Pass. In the Serpent Coil Mountains. Passing the town of Baltasar. To New Keep over the Great Chasm. Ending at Sandpoint.

The characters returned to Duriks Pass. Selling off their ill gotten gains. At Billies general store. This is where the adventure ended. As real life came into play and folks had to leave.

Next Week:
Dry Spell

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