Sunday, December 23, 2007

Dry Spell pt1

Well I was missing two of my players due to Christmas activities. So today playing was Phineas and Barnaby the barbarian strongmen, and Xanth the half dragon scout. I played Augustus as an NPC for a little while. We question whether the player who plays him will show up again. As he is a little flaky.

Anyways we started out in Duriks Pass. Barnaby went to the general store to get a bow. But since they didn't have one there they left. As they left town, Augustus came walking up with four donkeys. Everyone got one, so now everybody has transit. Except for Gaylen the druid who has a riding dog already. But he is no where to be found. So they proceed without him.

Well they made good time the first day. They broke and made camp. They had the drunk (Augustus) take watch. He woke Xanth up to tell him he hear something in the woods. Xanth looks in the woods using his low-light/dark vision. To see a small group of goblins about to throw javelins. Well they do. One of the four hits. Doing minor damage to Barnaby. Well the group takes off after the goblins. Minus Augustus that stays to watch the donkeys. The barbarians quickly lose pace as they can not see in the dark like Xanth. So while the barbarians cant see, and before the goblins get away. Xanth uses his breath weapon. Striking down the lot of them with a stream of acid. He kills the whole group of them. When the barbarian catch up. He tells them them must have set off a trap they were leading them into. Phineas goes back to camp and gets Augustus to help track where they were going. Well Augustus does a poor job of tracking. Finding himself in a pit trap. Not finding the goblins base of operations. They go back to camp.

The next day they travel some more. The next night Xanth takes the first watch. He sees the goblins approach. But this time he rushers them. He first talks to them trying to start a dialog. They attack. The sounds of battle wake the barbarian brothers that run to help Xanth. Xanth strikes the first one with his clawed hand. Ripping his face off. Killing him. none of teh goblins are able to hit him. So he strikes again. Slicing open the gobbos chest, killing it. Phineas strikes and misses. While Barnaby destroys one. The last runs away. Only to be brought down by a dagger. Thrown by Xanth. They search the bodies. But find nothing of interest. They return to camp. Then the next day to the trail. But before they left camp they tricked Auguatus into thinking that he was a were creature. In need of help. So he returned to Duriks Pass.

The rest of the trip to Baltasar is quite uneventful. They reach Balthasar. Its a small town. But has all the required amenities. A black smith, tavern, inn, barber, and general store. They stop to talk to the black smith. He tells them of the terrible drought they are facing. Then about the bandit Relgore Himtooth. Who has plagued the area. The noble Bootlum who lives in the town has put out a bounty on Relgore. They move on to Bootlums house after getting directions from the smith. They are greeted at the door by his manservant. They inquire about the reward. He lets them in, seating them in the front room. It is a very nice, and comfortable house. A man dressed in a purple smoking jacket and slippers walks down the stairs and addresses the characters. It is Bootlum. He tells the characters about the reward, and his past history with Relgore. How he robbed him and left him for dead. Taking a fortune in gems and a special sponge. He got the king to dispatch the militia after him. But he believes that it just slowed him down a little. Now hes using the sponge against them. Drying up the lakes and wells. They tell Bootlum that they will bring back the head of Relgore, and claim the reward.

They leave there and go to the general store. Barnaby purchases a short bow and arrows. Phineas purchases a sling and bullets. They then start off to face the bandits. They travel to the three lakes area. Finding the lake dry. Quite amazing even in a drought. The group begins the search of the area.

Eventually coming across a cave entrance, and a dumb ogre. As the ogre is sort of hiding behind a tree. Xanth tries to parlay with him. The ogre is not fond of this and throws a javelin at him. It misses but now combat begins. The ogre rips off a branch to use as a great club. Barnaby hits with his bow as well. But does only minimal damage. While Phineas closes in. Xanth joins in hitting the ogre with dagger. Barnsaby closes as well. They all trade blows. The ogre having taken some hits retreats toward the cave. Phineas strikes a the fatal blow. Felling the lumbering enemy.

They then approach the cave. Xanth scouts ahead. The tunnel opens into a large cavern. Across the center of which is a tall wall made of loose rocks. Behind this wall are two orcs, and three gnolls. He goes back a tells the others. They all sneak to the wall together. Readying to ambush the evil bandits. This is where we ended the adventure as people had to get going. Next week the conclusion of Dry Spell.

Dry Spell


Bungee said...

I seem to recall much more tracking in this adventure. And that Xanth guy sounds like a pussy! Why is he trying to TALK to everything? Doesn't that douche bag know the game is called DUNGEONS & DRAGONS! Not DUNGEONS & ROYAL TEA PARTIES! Geez.

Ronin said...

I know! I'm gonna have to have a word with him.