Sunday, April 8, 2007

Wild West pt3 / Tramp Steamer Pulp

Well I fear may Old West All Flesh Must Be Eaten campaign will be coming to a close tomorrow. As I told you in the Wild West pt2, the characters have just escaped the saloon. The player who is playing the crazy indian has already said he is going to go around to the front of the saloon. Then start fighting with the townsfolk, the bandits, and the gourd heads. One of the other players said that he would back any move made by the indian. That character will be backed up in any thing that he does. By his brother. That leaves the three last characters. Who may or may not help. Either way I dont expect them to fare to well. In the end the campaign is going to end. Of this I'm sure.

So next week I'm going to start my new campaign. I'm starting a 1930's two-fisted pulp campaign. The players will play, a group of sailors on a tramp steamer. I plan on useing GURPS for the system. I got the idea (read "shamelessly rippedoff") from a thread on theRPGsite. One of the posters that goes by the name "Greentongue". Has created a PDF of the info he has assembled for this kind of game. Its specifically written for Savage worlds but can be used for any thing. Its really a great peice of work.

This is the little teaser, pitch I've put together and e-mailed my players. It has a bunch of pics to but its a pain in the ass to tranfer it all so I'm not. (I'm tired and lazy, sorry deal with it)

A Pulp Campaign of Two Fisted Action!
Whats pulp? Its a world of mystery, intrigue, excitement and action. Its a world filled with lost treasures, exotic lands, villainous masterminds, and unspeakable horrors. This is the sensational world of adventure books, magazines, and radio serials from the 30's. Stories and characters such as The Shadow, The Phantom, Indiana Jones, King Kong and Doc Savage.
Our story will focus on a group of sailors on a tramp steamer. As they ply the seas of the orient and beyond. Seeking wealth, and adventure.

This campaign will feature:
A Maritime Theme
Spicy Stories!

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