Thursday, April 19, 2007

Setting ramblings pt2

Here's some more of my ideas. Like I said I plan on coming back and organizing and refining the concepts later.

Dwarves are very rare. Shunning the surface world. Masters of the hammer and axe. As well as runic and stone magic.

Gnomes live in a few small villages. One of the few races that has any contact with the dwarves. As they trade with them for raw materials. Gnomes are a magic less race. But they are master craftsmen and gizmoteers.

I see wild lands that abound. Temperate forest with heavy under growth. Through these woods the halfing packs would roam.

I see the land as a whole being damp. Raining at least every other day.

The forest area the drow live in is a dark primeval forest. A place where it gets dark at four o'clock in the afternoon. Because of the massive cover provided by the trees.

I see the lands occupied by the elves sunnier and warmer. Thanks to their control of the weather by magic. It see towns centering around elven nobles castles and keeps. Built of smooth white marble.

Trolls assessing tolls at old bridges and fords.

Hidden evil deep in the forests.

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