Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Sandbaggers / Queen & Country

Well I was over at theRPGsite forums. A poster there was asking for ideas for a setting. I suggested The Sandbaggers or Queen & Country. After that I couldnt get the shows/comics out of my head. Then I had a brain storm (or perhaps a light drizzle). Play a game that each player, plays two characters. One that is the field operative, and one that is the operative in the situation room. I think this combination could be really intersting. One character for the action/adventure half of the mission. While the other manages the political, bureaucratic aspect.

I think a good example ofhow this would work would be. Say the field operatives have been sent to assassinate some one. While in the process of that searching for the target, and setting up. They encounter a target of opportunity. So then the situation room operative. Has to get permission to act. Taking in account national policy, or what another country will think. Or just getting ahold of his boss. Who is golfing with his brother in law. The whole time the field operative has the targets in his sights. And if someone doesnt make a decision quick. They will lose both targets.

While I think this is very experimental. And would require some top notch players. I think it could be very fun.

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