Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The rambling beginnings of a setting

I got to tell you fellas (or ladies) I am doing awesome tonight. I'm enjoying a Bell's Oberon. A semi local ale. Bottled here in mid-Michigan. Good stuff. Enjoying what is one of my new favorite bands on the stereo. Gogol Bordello. A self described Gypsy Punk band. There a fun mix of Romanian Gypsy music, along with elements of punk, and dub/reggae. My description doesn't do them justice. You should go to their Myspace page and listen for your self. Anyways enough of my rambling. Down to brass tacks.
A fellow by the name of Dr. Rotwang! has inspired me to mess with a fantasy game setting that's been rolling around in my head. As he has done something similar on his blog "I Waste The Buddha With My Crossbow". He did a little part every day. I don't have that kind of patience though. So I'm just gonna throw notions out of my head all at once. Then come back and organize and expand on them. So with out further ado....

First a couple of the races. I want halflings. But not normal halflings. I want ones like in Darksun. Hairy, carnivorous, and cannibalistic. With sharp teeth, roving in packs. Not unlike raptors. With the smartest rising to positions of leadership. Possibly favored class being barbarian.
Next elves. I see at least two different versions. High elves that are like the traditional elves. Except maybe more snobby. They depend heavily on magic. With every elf knowing at least a little bit. Then the Drow. But not normal drow. Sure they got the black skin and all that. But they do not dwell under ground. Instead they are nocturnal. Living a tribal existence. Not unlike that of tribes living in the amazon jungle. I have visions of them jumping the trees in the night ambushing victims. I'm not sure if I'd want them to be hostile, territorial or both.
The next race is Orcs. I see them living in a clan style structure. They will have no magic. So they have constructed crude technology to replace it. I see them armed with what I would describe as the AK-47 of black power weapons. Crude yet, sturdily built, and powerful. With a permanent large bayonet knife mounted to it. So it can easily be used as a spear.
Then finally humans. Very few would have any kind of magical talents. Possibly a few would have black power weapons. They would be more refined than that of the orcs. But not as sturdy. And certainly not mass produced like the orcs. Limited to a few well to do adventurers, nobles, or crack military units. I also like the idea that the human race was descended from the mixing of orc and elf blood.
That's all I got for tonight. I'll drop some more stuff on ya tomorrow.

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