Tuesday, April 17, 2007

First night of the "Tramp Steamer Pulp Adventure!"

The game started with all the players drinking in a bar by the beach. They were carousing and starting trouble amongst themselves. Their was a lady in the bar as well. One of the passengers that will be traveling from the Philippines to Hong Kong with them. Well she had enough of the crews shenanigans. She asked Tucker the First Mate to walk with her on the beach. Which he did. She sent him back to the bar to get more drinks. As he entered the bar. The group heard her scream. As Tucker and a couple others ran outside they saw her being carried of by Pygmy's. They were about to run after her. When advised not to by a guy from the bar. They talked to the man for a minute. He seemed to be knowledgeable about the pygmy's so they went with him. They got some supplies and took his truck deep into the jungle. They encountered the pygmy's. They then began to track them. They basically lucked into finding the village. At which point were surrounded. The chief challenged their best fighter against his. So the Chief engineer, a big Scotsman, and former boxer stepped up. He quickly dispatched the villages champion. They pygmy's let the woman and group go. They quickly returned to the city. The next morning they left on their voyage to Hong Kong. A couple days into the trip. They spot a man floating on a piece of drift wood not to far off from an island. They bring him aboard. He mumbles a few words about treasure, guardians, and apes. Then he passes out. They find a gem with a gold ring around it. The first mate and the crew thought it would be a good idea to send a landing party to the island. To check for other possible survivors or more treasure. So they are equipped with rifles from the ships gun locker. They then set out for the island. As they start their search on the beach they find a large statue of an ape. They end up bickering amongst them selves for a moment. Till one of them find a path in the jungle. They start down the path after a little ways they are ambushed by gorillas. They fight off the apes.

That's where we ended for the night. So tune in two weeks from now for the thrilling conclusion of "The Treasure of Ape Island!"


The Evil DM said...

Just an FYI: Louis L'Amour wrote a series of adventures featuring a merchant captain named "Ponga Jim Mayo". you might give those stories a look to mine for ideas.


Good luck on the campaign, it sounds fun!

Ronin said...

Thanks for the info. I'll have to give it a look.