Friday, February 24, 2017

Revisiting Hawaiian Noir (A Secret History)

    Everyone knows how the war went, and how it ended. Even if you were not one of the brave men and women fighting the Germans, the Japanese, or their allies. American civilian life was alight with newsreels, and propaganda. Of course everyone knows how it ended. Germany smashed and overrun into submission. Then the two atomic bombs dropped on Japan effectively ensuring their capitulation.
    But there's a secret history. A history not recognized by the world. Not because of some great spell or otherworldly power. But simply because it's fantastic, and people can not believe that it could even be real.
    Hundreds upon hundreds of years ago. Magic existed in the world. This is before the written word. Only passed by the oral traditions of people since then folded and assimilated into different cultures and tribes. During these fantastic times medicine men, shamans, sages, thermagists, wizards and their gods (Extra dimensional beings of great power) came together to lock out the evil supernatural. The things that reacted in strange ways as their perception of reality, order and such were so alien as to be dangerous to the people that exist for a mere speck of time, in the cosmic swirling realms. They were successful in this, but their success was greater than anyone expected. It completely locked out the gods and magic from our reality.
    Early on the veil between realities was relatively weak. Things, creatures, and beings still were able to transit between worlds. These transits are where we gain our legends in history. As time passed the veil grew stronger and ultimately impenetrable. Magic, and the supernatural was exiled from our reality.
    A great deal of wars and tragedy have befallen the world in the hundreds of years of its history. These things cause weaknesses in the veil. Places where things could and would occasionally slip through. The phrase "War is hell" has more truth to it than most people will ever know. The Second World War was not exception to this. But what ended it was. Atomic explosions split not only the atom. But broke seals and restrictions. Creating permanent holes in the veil. Letting magic and beings back into our world. But they slunk into the shadows, keeping low profiles.
    The vast majority of people do not know this. They wouldn't believe you if you told them. Hundreds upon hundreds of years of these things being fairy tales, and superstition have conditioned people to not believe. So now a darkness creeps back into our reality. Mostly unseen, seething, and penetrating our world, our lives.

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