Thursday, February 16, 2017

Crimefighters 5

    So I thought I would expand a bit of why I don't like the initiative system in Crimefighters. This is not a criticism of the game. It's just no to my taste. This is from the text itself.

1. Determine encounter distance
2. State actions (as needed)
3. Determine initiative (first second only)
4. Conduct actions in order of occurence
This sequence is repeated as often as necessary.

    The thing that gets me the most is the stating of actions before rolling for initiative. I don't like this. I think things should evolve more organically. There are advantages and disadvantages to going "first" so to speak.
    Declared actions are like I draw and fire my pistol. Or I dive for cover, then drawn my pistol, and fire. The game breaks things down into seconds. But what if the "bad guy" fires first and misses. Then my character carrying a shotgun previously declared that he was diving for cover. Maybe seeing how he missed my character wants to try to one shot the "bad guy" at close range? I feel declaring is to rigid, and lack flexibility. Its definitely a holdover from wargaming. Like I've said before its a product of its time. Which is OK. I would update/change it to my tastes.
    I also don't like it being stated as counted in seconds. Actions that can be completed in seconds is different for different people. I don't think the reaction time dexterity are the same either. Let me give an example. I have a relative that I know, because I've seen him do this. He can draw and fire a 1911 twice in a second. But I'm not sure he could catch an orange if you chucked it at him suddenly.
    I think "actions" is a better fit. A little more abstract, like D&D or something. Anyways something for your minds to chew on.

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