Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Viking Game Hooks

Hooks for your mythic viking style games

  • People from your village, or the village you are staying in. Begin to disappear.
  • A Völva (Seeress) makes a prediction of the approach of evil from the north.
  • A storm forces your ship ashore onto a small wooded island. Notions on the wind tempt you to the center of the island.
  • Stone tipped arrows fly from the fog on shore
  • What stalks the Skien Wood?
  • "They say a ghost haunts the village of Hamar." says Tófi. "But since when does a ghost bleed?" to which Dagr adds, "If it bleeds we can kill it."
  • The wolves grow bold. What can be done to protect the homesteads?
  • With his dying breaths, Ráðúlfr tells you all of how a troll from under a bridge ambushed his group.
  • As you drink ale snug in a long house, the door bursts open. Draugr pour into the building.
  • A witch has cursed the farm, what can you do before the curse consumes you all.
  • A garden of statues has formed in the dark forest, in the last couple of weeks. The statues looks just like the people that have gone missing from the village.
  • As you fish along the shore. You see black long ships, with blood red sails approach.
  • Do you hear the moans coming from the burial mount on the hill?
  • Rumor has it a trade ship full of silver sank around Skrape Island
  • A half troll knocks down the door to the tavern. Screaming brandishing a large halberd.

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