Thursday, October 27, 2016

Twilight X

    So in researching more about Twilight 2000. (Yes, I own the 2nd ed Cor book, plus a bunch of supplements) I found Twilight X, a comic from Antarctic Press. Its totally T2K, in a different way. The little blurb about it.

"After eleven years of war, the First World has collapsed. A brief civil war has left the United States divided, ragged and without hope. The Soviet Union is controlled by former Russian Mafia and military commanders, now kings. Europe, Japan and Israel are radioactive wastelands. Throughout the world, self-appointed lords and tyrants take what they want with force and brutality. Now, five strangers have banded together to find purpose in the midst of violence and apathy."

    I think I need the TPB of these. If for nothing else my own pure enjoyment. The art is a cross between a westernized anime/manga and ligne claire style. The characters are slightly cartoonish, but the backgrounds, weapons, equipment, and vehicles are super realistic.

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