Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Hacking the Twilight

    Sorry I haven't posted much of any real content lately. Long and short the real world is a motherfucker. So I've been messing around with hacking Twilight 2000. Yes I know, what about the Viking Hack? Its done. It just needs something. I cant totally put my finger on what though. So I'm gonna set it down for a minute.
    But back to T2K. Black hack is getting really hacked up for this. I'm going to use skills, and difficulty modifiers. I figure I will have to do a completely new thing for firearms. The hacks I've seen for them leave me feeling action movie type thing. Which is not T2K. T2K is gritty and deadly.
    Then how to handle vehicles, and for that matter personal, and vehicle armor. I have lots of ideas. I've just got to start laying it all out. I've been writing down notes and ideas. I just need to start assembling them, into a semblance of order.

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