Monday, October 17, 2016

The Viking Hack


The seasons grow colder with every year. The limbs of Yggdrasil grow heavy with snow and cold. Allowing creatures and peoples of myth to fall down limbs, or jump up them. Finding themselves in new lands. Midgard has seen the entry and/or return of myths of flesh, blood, and worse.
You hail from Skåne the ancestral home of your people. You are viking warriors, and adventurers in a land where mythological creatures and people are real. Playing out epic adventures in a world falling towards Ragnarök.

The north is an arctic tundra, slowly crawling southward toward the temperate primeval forest. The Scandes, jagged mountain range acting as the spine of Skåne, running down the center from north to south. Surrounded to the north by a wall of ice and nothing. The rest of the peninsula surrounded by the sea. To the west Den norske Sea, to the south Nordsjø, and to the east Østersjøen. To the far west finds Lýðveldið Ísland. A harsh, rocky island. To the west of that? Unknown.

To the south lies allies and enemies. Allies the Danes. Descended from and old Skåne colony. Men of honor, and traders. Enemies, the Gaul, and the Anglo-Celtic. But mainly a land of wilderness, and legend.

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