Saturday, June 18, 2016

Where I went wrong

The New World

    I know where I went wrong, and put down writing this setting. Its the setting itself. Well not the setting per say, but the expanse. I was thinking about too much. English colonies, France, Spanish, and so on. Its too much all at once.
    So I was pondering this expanse while driving about earlier. Slim it down. Maybe start with just say the Massachusetts colony. Then I thought, no keep it simple stupid. Start with focusing on a village. Start with a colonial "Homlet" so to speak. A small base of operations and then branch out. Rumors and activities in the village, that lead to other areas outside. Think more like when developing an adventure area/hex. Not, I'm gonna write this setting book. It will all come together. Ever expanding till, boom full book like, fleshed out big ole map. 

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