Tuesday, June 21, 2016

New World Soldier Class

A class with options for my M20 New World Game.

Starting at first level the class receives 1d8 hp, +1 to hit melee, ranged, and damage. Now the player has two choices of bonus to receive at first level.

+1 Communications
+1 Knowledge
+1 Melee
Special Ability: Command
When engaged in a group effort, be it combat or an activity (involving a skill check) Everyone under the characters command  (those who make a save vs MIND) receive +1 to the task at hand. (Does not include damage in combat. Only to hit)

+2 Physical
+1 Ranged
Special Ability: Rapid Reload
Reload times for firearms are halved for this character.

Then every level after first the character receives +1d8 hp, +1 to melee, and ranged attack rolls, and +1 to all skills.

Then at levels 5, 10, 15, and etc. +1 to attack melee, ranged, and damage.

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