Thursday, June 23, 2016

New World Noble/Merchant

A class with options for my M20 New World Game.

Starting at first level the class receives 1d4hp, +1 Knowledge. Now the player has two choices of bonus to receive at first level.

+1 Knowledge
+ 1 Communication
+1 Melee or Ranged to hit
Special Ability: Gentry
Can ask favors of other Nobles. Looking for info, money, or items to loan. If the Noble being asked fails their MIND save. They will be compelled to assist the character. As to not would cause a loss of social standing.

+2 Communications
+1 Knowledge or Ranged to hit
Special Ability: Friends
The Merchant makes friends across the land. 50% chance of locating a person that has info, or useful items for sale or to lend. This can only be used in a settlement (Hamlet, Village, Town, or City), cannot be used in the wilderness.

Then every level after first the characters receives +1d4 hp, +1 to melee, and ranged attack rolls, and +1 to all skills.

Then at levels 5, 10, 15, and etc. +1 to Knowledge, Communication, or Subterfuge.

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