Monday, July 10, 2017

Tales from the Loop

    So I found something that may be the coolest thing ever, of maybe just meh. The RPG I found is Tales from the Loop (Roleplaying in the 80's that never were). The setting is based on the artwork of Simon Stålenhag. I've wrote about his stuff before. (Here, and here) I really love the look and feel of his stuff.
    That's the good. Now for, well I'm not sure bad. But not sure it's the good either. You play kids. Which is very Stranger Things. Which is cool. But I really don't care for the idea of playing children. Just doesn't interest me in the least. Then there's the system. Here my biggest problem with it. I know exactly zero about it. Its supposed to be the same system used in I believe its the "Mutant Chronicles". Yeah, I know zero about that either.
    Now that all being said. Regardless of the system. This could be really cool for just the setting and art alone. Not sure exactly how much it costs. Its listed as 378.00 Swedish Krona. Not sure what that equates to in American dollars. Probably more than I have to spend currently. But man does it look super cool.

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