Monday, March 20, 2017

Johnny Apples

    Over a century ago, a wandering druid known as Johnny "Appleseed" Chapman wandered through the kingdom of Michigoomy. Along his travels he planted magic appleseeds. These seeds bloomed into special trees. These trees bear magic apples known as Johnny Apples. Powerful magic is contained in these fruit. The trees are now quite rare. Their locations closely guarded family secrets. Occasionally these can be found for sale for large amounts of gold.

Magic Apples
    Eating the apple the character will heal 2d6 hit points, acts as curse disease (as per spell), and curse poison(as per spell). Eating a slice a day will improve saves vs poison/disease +1 for the day. Because of their magical nature the are resistant to rot. Picked apples last twice as long as a normal apple. Even a cut up apple will not rot for one week. Apples can be cut into 6 slices.

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