Monday, September 19, 2016


    So I've been thinking about my gothic setting Ardeal. As I'm going to eventually run a game in it for the wife. Its been a crazy couple weeks work, home, and health wise. So it hasn't taken off yet. But I've been pondering what to do, and what to use.

    I'm going to run a real simple scenario to begin with. Find a gypsy van that has been attacked by bandits. The wife and the survivors hunt down the bandits to their lair and deal with them. Its a bit more complicated than that. But that's the reader's digest version.
    Then on to a village that's being menaced by evil, coming down from the haunted mountain.
But after that I have not set anything in stone. I want to see what happens and make it fit together organically if you will.
    But I do have a list of thing I would like to weave together.
  •  The Bone grinder scenario from Curse of Strahd
  • The village of Vidra from my Ardeal setting. Lots going on there.
  • Using factions and tracking where the players stand with them
  • Gallows of the Crossroads from Ardeal.
  • Weaving together of Strahd and Ardeal's Koschei the Immortal, King in Yellow
  • I'm totally stealing the idea of Ravenloft creeping into the area (Jack Shears campaign idea) as opposed to being stuck in Ravenloft.

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