Monday, September 26, 2016

A viking class forgotten

    I forgot a class. But in turn it's a little bit of a problem as well. The Bard aka Skald, seems to scream viking campaign to me. But that also brings up the specter of magic. So I thought a bit about this today. Bards don't really have fireball and such in their spell list. So maybe it's ok. Perhaps a bit more magical than I would like but ok. Maybe some how tie it into runes somehow. I would think the musical aspect would be tossed in the trash and replaced by poetry. That would be very viking and bardish. (Is Bardish a word? It is now, true believer.)
    Perhaps do the same with clerics. The cleric spell list would definitely need some tightening up. No Guiding Bolt for example. I think a cleric should favor a particular god. But venerate them the pantheon. Obviously the god list would be easy to put together. Not to mention finding the aspect of the favored god, and applying it the the cleric's domain.
    The big question is are Druid appropriate to the campaign. If this was straight up celtic I would say yes. But... Something to ponder. As for now I would be inclined to say no.

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