Monday, July 18, 2016

The Lost Lands of The Hollow

    So I've been pondering an idea. A mish mash of swords and sorcery, lost world, and hollow earth. Take the players they are from now. Now being 1920-1930's pulp characters, to modern times. They somehow become stranded in a lost land in the hollow earth. They may start off with hi tech equipment. Flashlights, rifles, radios, or what have you. But like a D&D game your resources deplete. The hitch being there's no place to get more. The characters being forced to adopt the ways of the land. Transition properly from pulp(ish) action to sword and sorcery. Which is pulp as well when you really come down to it. A lot like "The Warlord".

A list of inspirations

Xenozoic Tales

The Warlord

Hollow Earth Expedition

The Hollow World

The Lost World

The Land That Time Forgot

Journey to the Center of the Earth

Land of the Lost

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