Tuesday, July 19, 2016

System for the Lost Center of the Earth

    So the question is, what system to use for such a thing as this Lost Center of the Earth? Hollow Earth Expedition would seem to be perfect for this. But I'm not real fond of the system. Its a little wonky in places, in my opinion. But it is totally ripe to have everything else ripped off from it.
    Then there's the Cadillacs and Dinosaurs RPG. I like the system, but it is a bit crunchier than perhaps I would like. For those of you that don't know it uses the 2nd ed version of Twilight 2000's rules set. Again regardless it is also ripe for pillaging.
    Next of the list, The Hollow World. Old school Mystara setting. So really any of the D&D editions or variants, retro-clones, or reimaginings fit here. Not sure about this. I mean it would be easy enough. I've already pondered 5e'ing it. But I'm not totally sold on it. Definitely as the rest things definitely to be plundered from it.
    So the next thing on the list is Palladium. I know, I know, they do not have a pulp game. Doesn't matter anything can be played pulpy. I'm thinking Palladium Fantasy combined with beyond the supernatural. Strange mix, but I think it would work great. Before anyone says it, no. No fucking mega-damage. Straight SDC for this cat, thank you very much. The biggest problem with this, is the need for a LOT of prep work.
    That brings me to the relative end of the list. Onedice, and GURPS. I know what you're thinking really simple and really complex. I dont agree with that statement. True, Oncedice is simple. But so is GURPS. Look at the basics of the system. Its really simple. Its only when you start turning all the dials and switches does it become complex. Its essence is simple, and I think would lend itself to a gritty pulp game. That being said I think Onedice Pulp would excell at this mixed up genre.
     So there it is. My thoughts on what to use. I've been looking at all of these in my collection. I'm gonna have to do some more reading and think on it. What do you folks out there in the intarwebs think? Got a suggestion, or better idea? Always love to hear from you folks. Drop me a line in the comments if you wish.

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