Thursday, July 10, 2008

On a more positive note

Well I'm still running the Sunday game. We've had a bit of trouble playing lately. As we have not been able to get together for like a month and half now. But hopefully this Sunday we will be getting right back on track. As I have stated before. One of my friends was running a game on Monday nights. But due to his freelance work in movie production (Hes actually working on some features) and other responsibilities. Hes had to put his game on hold. Well in his absence I am running his group. Don't misunderstand me. I'm not high jacking his game. I'm just filling the void. While he takes care of his business. Not to mention a couple of these fellas are only able to play on Monday night because of their demanding schedules. Being that I am friends with all of them as well. I have taken the helm and have started a Monday game. I wanted to get away from D&D. As I enjoy it but am feeling a little burnt out. SO running two D&D nights would frag me. I am running something a little different, but still familiar. I am running a Golden Age/WWII Super campaign. Think of the Invaders from Marvel. I'm using Mutants & Masterminds (2nd ed). So its different but still familiar enough with the fellas. That the rules come naturally. Its shaping up to be a good campaign. We started last Monday working on characters. Their still in the finalization stage. But are shaping up to look like this.
Scotts character is kind of a Ex Machina (Great Machine) gadgeteer
Jerry is playing a character like Brit. Not especially strong or fast. Just friggin indestructible.
Robert is playing a Ghost Rider/Spawn kind of vengeful spirit. Complete with holy fire powers.
I plan posting the game summaries. (Till I get burnt out on them like the D&D ones) So stay tuned.

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