Thursday, July 24, 2008

More Thursday Pics!

You may not know this. But Basset Hounds are pretty much the cadillac of dogs. No really.
Two of my favorite villians.
Have you seen this? Great film. Blade Runner for a new generation.
They list these as extreme duty AR-15 magazines. By being extreme does that mean they dont jam at the drop of a hat. You know by merely tapping the feed end of the mag. Which is why every time I see idiots with magazines bush clipped together. Which is slang for mags taped together. It makes me laugh.
All the Appleseed movies are awesome. But not as awesome as the manga.
My favorite anti-hero.
Mmmmm.... Hobgoblin dark english ale.
Apocalypes anyone?
Big, bigger, biggest.
I'll surrender.

And finally a Kick Ass jungle girl. Nuf' said.

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