Friday, February 8, 2008

I swear, no really this time

So lately I've just been bitching about Palladium, and posting some of my favorite things. Well I'm determined to up my gaming content. And soon! So stick around. I swear more gaming stuff is on the way. Not to mention once my gaming group starts on the new section of the campaign. I will be posting summaries again. As it will be my stuff. Not the premade stuff. Like the Paizo pathfinder stuff I'm running right now.


Bungee said...

thought for sure I'd get to leave comments on here in response to the email you sent to me. I have to admit I am not surprised by the irresponsibility of some players. And I cannot wait to hear how the end happens! Is this from a module? I like it! I'm tempted to use it on the Monday night group!!

Ronin said...

Yes it is. Its from the pathfinder book.

For anyone else out ther in interweb land reading this. It probably doesnt make sense. Thats ok, it shouldnt. But Im not gonna relive the conversation here. So I guess I'm leaving you in mystery.