Friday, February 8, 2008

Beating a dead horse

Remember last week when Kev said,
"We are working hard to get the Robotech® The Shadow Chronicles® role-playing game done and to the printer by next Friday."
Well this week, this is sent out, and I quote
"The writing is nearly finished. Kevin is working on the last handful of stats and adventure ideas, leaving only O.C.C.s and game rules to finish. He’s keeping the rules hidden from us so far. We know most of it will be the standard character creation and such (yes, Palladium’s usual Mega-Damage system), but Kev claims to have whipped up an alternative means of character generation that will take only 15 minutes! We can’t tell if he’s a genius or whacky from long hours of writing and lack of sleep.

As soon as we get final approvals on everything from the good folks at Harmony Gold, we will layout the book and it will go to the printer! We hope that will be sometime next week."

Doesn't really sound like hes as far along as he claimed last week. Just say its going to be out sometime this spring damn it. Let quit the BS games Kev. Thats the last I'm gonna say about it.

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