Thursday, June 21, 2007

Special Counter-terrorist Group Delta

This is the campaign blurb. That I sent my players, describing the game. I cant wait to play But I have to wait till next weekend. Being that I'm in a wedding this weekend. I'm getting pumped up to play. I cant hardly wait.

You will be members of the GI Joe team. (Otherwise known as Special Counter-terrorist Group Delta) Notice I said will be. You will start off as an army ranger LRRP team in Vietnam. (For those of you familiar think of Stalker, Tommy (Storm Shadow), and Snake Eyes in Nam.) In the year of 1973. For those of you not familiar with Rangers and LRRP teams here are some links. You will complete a mission or two. Then you will flash forward, to 1976. And two levels. (so from level 1 to 3rd) Where you are SAD operators for the CIA in Angola. Which is embroiled in civil war. Besides being engaged in civil war. It is also a battle of proxies with super powers. The predominate players are the UNITA which is supported by the United States and South Africa. MLPA meanwhile is supported by Cuba and the soviet union. The Cubans even had troops on the ground. Anyways theres links on the subjects. You will have a mission or two here. Then time will advance to 1983. (and another 2 levels. So from 3rd level to 5th) Where you will be recruited to the GI Joe team. Thus starting the current time line.

This game will be using Ninjas and Super Spies (palladium megaversal) as the game system. Some additional material on mercs/spec ops from one of the rifters will used as well.

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