Thursday, June 28, 2007

Special Counter-terrorism Group Delta 2,1/2

This the e-mail I sent out to the group reminding them about the game. I think its amusing. My roomate thinks I'm an idiot. But I figure I'll share it with yall just the same.

Alright fellas this Sunday we invade the Nam! Are you ready for role call? I spoke to Mike and Robert at J4F today. They said they will be ready to mobilize Sunday. A little bird told me Pat will be evacuating to our LZ as well. So if Darick and Scott could radio your position. (Let me know if your coming). I'm just trying to set out a battle plan for Sunday. I hope to engage the enemy (start playing) that afternoon. But character creation in Ninjas and Super Spies can be timely. So be prepared for that event. Those of you astute Rangers will noticed that I mentioned Scott not Spencer. Evidently Spencer is tied up on a 3 day pass for some R and R. (Flying out to Seattle for a couple days.) Scott is a war Buddie (old friend) of mine. I recently ran into him on R and R. (Shot the shit with him at his brothers wedding. Which I was in.) He was interested in getting back in country and mixing it up with Victor Charles. (He was interested in doing some role playing, as he hasn't been able for a while.) Hes a veteran hard bastard ready to take it to 'em. (Scott is a veteran player. Who actually introduced me to a lot of games and ran a bunch of games back in the day.) Scott you will be joining a group of hard nails troopers. They are some bad ass bush trek'in mutherfuckers. (The group is composed of a bunch of fellas that have been playing for a while.) The coordinates (address) for our rally point Sunday is **** **** ****, ** *****. I'm sure battalion can issue you maps if you have not been to this fire base. (Meaning if you have not been to the house before you can mapquest (or which ever mapping service you prefer) it.) The fire base is a small brick house with a shared driveway with the communist insurgents next door. (the neighbors next door.) Radio Contact Frequency (Phone number) is ***-****. Fell free to radio in for support. (directions, questions, or if cant find the house.) We will deploy smoke and flares to guide you in. (Talk you in and stand on the porch and wave as you drive by.) So hope to see you at the fire base on Sunday at 13:00 hours. (1:00pm).

*** obviously cover the exact location, etc. I get enough junk mail and telemarketers without advertising on the internet.

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