Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Thinking Pulp

    So I've been thinking about pulpy careers and archetypes. You've got to include ones like, Air Ace, Boxer, Treasure Hunter, and Salty Sea Captain for examples. But I'm a big fan of regular people wandering the world, and thrust into adventures. I like the idea of a carpenter hired for a job, and then hopping about islands doing odd jobs. Or an accountant seeking a good job, that ends up penniless stringing along trying to get by. A pirates moll, unceremoniously dumped trying to get home or with someone powerful/rich.

    I've also thought about vehicles and setting. I'm going to give my Aces and Scoundrels of the South China Sea a once over. Perhaps some additions and modifications. One thing I want to add, is more boats, ships, and subs. As the original setting focuses very heavily on air aces.

    So a lot on my plate. The Merc game is definitely on the back burner. Yeah, I know I'm a flighty bastard. Roll with me here. Eventually a lot of stuff is gonna come about. But you know how it is. Right? No? Son of a....

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