Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Curse of Strahd

   So I bit the bullet. I finally bought Curse of Strahd. Its pretty cool. Reading it I think to myself did I unconsciously crib a from Raven Loft in my Ardeal setting? Or did they rob mine? Probably we both copped a lot from gothic fiction.
   Anyways I really like it. It has lots of good points and well stuff. But there is bad as well. I think it was bryce from Ten Foot Pole blog that said it. There are a lot of lame descriptions. Example, "You find a corpse". Obviously I would play that out differently. But still, show some effort, seriously, please. My biggest problem is this, I just cant see myself using this at the table. Or at least it would seem unwieldy at best. Not the adventure, I will totally use it. The book though, just seems as I would really need to read multiple times the whole thing. Almost having to memorize the thing. It just seem like their should be a better way going about an adventure/mini-sandbox than a single hard cover book. Perhaps as I read it totally from cover to cover this will change. We shall see.

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