Thursday, November 26, 2015

New Creature .2

Possessed Husk
HD: 4
AC: 10
MB: +1
RB: +1
Attack/Damage: By weapon, or strike (1d6)
ST: 14
Special: Immune to Sleep and Charm spells. Takes no Bruise damage, only Lethal. Has special powers depending on what the Husk has been possessed by. See charts below.
XP: 300

Roll 1d8
Demon possessed Husk Powers
Breath Hell Fire: Breath hell fire 1d6 times a day for 1d12 damage. 70% chance of setting combustibles ablaze. Must roll ranged to hit.
Spells: Can cast spells. Roll 1d6. The result is the magician caster level of the beast.
Grow Claws: Can grow at will large claws that do 1d8 damage.
Leathery Wings: Has large leathery wings. Can fly as per spell.
Mesmerize: Can charm people in sight range as per spell.
Spit Acid: Can spit acid for 1d8 initial damage. Roll 1d4, to determine how many rounds the acid burns for after that doing 1d4 damage. Can be neutralized with water.
Armor: This is a natural armor. Thick rhino like skin, leathery plates, or what have you. AC +4, DR 4
Roll twice

Roll 1d4
Spirit possessed Husk Powers
Intangibility: The husk can become intangible. In this form they may pass through solid objects. If they pass through a person in this form the person must make a ST or be shaken for 1d4 rounds. A shaken character is at -4 to all tasks. Can only be hurt in the intangible form by magic, or cold forged iron.
Drain: The Husks touch drains one point of Strength with a successful hit, and if a victim is brought to a Strength attribute of 0 they die.
Fear: Can be used once per encounter. All participants must make an ST or flee in terror for 1d4 rounds.
Charm: Can charm people in sight range as per spell.

A possessed husk is as a normal one. But a demon or spirit has taken possession on the husks body and is running the show. They have strange and eerie powers.

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