Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Reconnaissance by fire

Some basic stats for a couple rifles. I'm working on optics rule and how they figure into combat. So the rifles with built in or added on optics will have some modifiers.
Steyr AUG
Damage: 3D10+5
Weight: 7lbs 15oz (3.6kg unloaded)
Length: 31" (790mm)
Magazine: 30 or 40rd box
Max Effective Range: 1600' (460m)

Damage: 4D10+10
Weight: 9lbs 8 oz (4.31kg unloaded)
Length: 41.5" (1053mm)
Magazine: 20rd box
Max Effective Range: 1800' (520m)

Galil ARM
Damage: 3D10+5
Weight: 9lbs 9oz (4.35kg unloaded)
Length: 38.54" (979mm)
Magazine: 35 or 50rd box
Max Effective Range: 1600' (460m)

H&K G36
Damage: 3D10+5
Weight: 7lbs 9oz (3.43kg unloaded)
Length: 39.29" (998mm)
Magazine: 30rd box
Max Effective Range: 1600' (460m)

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