Monday, March 30, 2015

What the future brings

So these are but a few of the projects I'm actively working on and or pondering. The majority (realistically) probably won't come to much. But it will be good for me to get them out of my head and written down. Will be a lot easier to come back to them this way if nothing else. Especially before it gets shuffle off to a corner of my mind. When a new shiny pops into it.

So a few things,

Sort of my homage to Ravenloft. Needs to get cleaned up better, layed out, and etc.

Ace and Scoundrels of the South China Sea
Pulp adventure in the south pacific. Think one part Crimson Skies, one part Tales of the Gold Monkey, and three parts fucking awesome. Mostly written needs the lay out redone, as the last file shift goofed it up a bit. Not so sure I care for the system anymore. System is such a tough choice. Do I OSR it? Just clean up and revamp the current one? I dunno yet...

The Great Mechanized War
Diesel punk WWI alternate time/world pulp adventure. Much like AaSotSCS needs the layout fixed, due to file corruption. Basically good. Needs tweaks, and more importantly more play testing.

50's pulp adventure
I've started and stopped on this a hundred times it feels like. I want something like Tin Tin, Jonny Quest, and Terry and the Pirates all mashed together.

Ruritanian Romance
No, not any Blue Rose nonsense. Something with more swashbuckling, intrigue, and crime. A dirty not very romantic thriller. If that makes any sense.

I've got a ton of adventures, campaigns, and ideas brewing in my noggin. Its time to put them to the page. Trying to get a group back together again. Been a bit, since the old one fell apart for me.

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