Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Black Isle of the Dead

Well as we left our adventurers last time they had just defeated the juvi siege crab. Sealed in the large stone hewn hall. Their was only one way out. Through the double doors the crab had entered through. They passed through to find a large cavern. This is a natural cavern that appears to lead out to the sea. Though it is hard to tell. Because of the dense grey fog rolling in. Of to one side of the cavern is a small rowboat. The row boat has a series of runes carved into it. All the way around it. The players all climb in the boat. The boat turns and slowly moves into the fog. It travels slowly across the water. With only the sounds of the wave sloshing.

It finally comes to ground. Beaching itself on a black sand beach. The whole island is shrouded with the same dense fog that the sea was cloaked in. As they step away from the boat it turns around and heads back into the sea. Leaving them on the shore.

Suddenly out of the fog a group of four skeletons attacks. Skeletons dressed in chain mail, horned helmets, and furs. Very viking-esque. They were destroyed quickly.

In the distance they heard the sounds of music. Chanting, and instruments. So they started off for it. The sound of the music that is. The whole idea was that they would have to make a listen check to find their way to the music. Each time they were successful the next DC got easier. But if they failed the DC would fall back to the last one. So it started at 20, and went down the line. 15, 10, and 5. At which point they had found the great hall. After each listen check I had them roll on my random encounter chart. Which was,

01 - 15 Skeletons (1d8)
16 - 25 Nothing
26 - 40 Zombies (1d6)
41 - 50 Nothing
51 - 65 Drowned (1d2)
66 - 75 Nothing
76 - 90 Mixed Undead (*)
91 - 100 Nothing

* 1, Drowned
2, Skeletons (1d4)
3, Zombies (1d4)

The characters breezed through the search for the hall. They made all the listen checks. They only rolled two encounters. Which were super weak. They fought two skeletons, then in another they fought 1 zombie.

Anyways they got to the great hall. A large heavy timber frame building/hall. It had giant double doors in the front. Bartleby started around the building looking for any other entrance. He found nothing but a chute of some sort to the basement.

Meanwhile the rest of the group pushed open the double doors and went in. They were immediately faced with six skeletons, three zombies and a drowned. They made quick work of things. Till they got to the drowned. Which was a problem. Especially since they realised that they hadn't healed from their encounter with the siege crab. Bartleby joined them and they finally defeated it. They searched and surveyed the room. There was another set of double doors. Presumably leading to the main hall. On each side of the doors was a statue. On the right side the man with the great club, they had seen before in the Kuo-Toa halls. On the other side the woman they had seen, lying down with a dagger. Was now standing with a dagger to the right of the doors. Stair cases rose on each side of the room. They found a trapdoor that lead to the basement. All they could see from the opening was stacks of cord wood. They found the last piece of the decoder.

They decided to leave the building and camp to heal up a bit. This was they had a large piece of luck. They camped for two days. I had them roll to see if they were found. Each day. They totally rolled fantastic. Not being found at all.

They then went back in to the front room. They fought another group of undead. Eight skeletons, six zombies, and a drowned. They made quick work of this horde. The feat cleave was super useful for the barbarians.

After they finished them off. They went to the top of the stairs. They cracked open the door, and scoped the scene. They were at the raised walk way hat went around the whole room. At the end of the room on the walk way is a great pipe organ. Which is surrounded by other musicians. The main floor is occupied by large tables. With skeletons, and zombies eating, drinking, and singing drinking songs. At the end of the room was a huge throne. Seated in it is a skeleton of a giant. That appears to be in charge of the hall. As they watched he spoke a language they weren't familiar with. (Giant to be specific) The hall went quiet as he spoke. Then when he (it) finished speaking everyone seemed to lay down and sleep right where they were. The torches slowly dimmed. It all seemed a bit surreal. As all the undead acted very much as if they weren't.

They checked their key that had been guiding them. It pointed to above the pipe organ. Before the went for that though. They decided to check out the trap door and the basement.

They descended into the basement. Rows and rows of stacked cord wood. Snaked through the room. The sounds of a wood saw, and axe. Echoes through the room. In the corner by the chute that lead down there. Was three skeletons. Two using a large handsaw, and the other using an axe. The group rushed them annihilating them.

They peaked out the double doors that left the room. They saw a large room. Immediately in front of them is two rows of cages. They contain all manner of animals. Pheasants, chickens, pigs, cows, and more. To the right are three giant beer kegs. On the left is another room they cant see into. Past all this is three rows of long tables, stoves, and ovens. At which eight skeletons and six zombies work at making food.

Well Gaylen snuck to the cages and started opening them. Phineas snuck to the side room. To find it contained fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Well Bartleby said to hell with it and charged the undead. Gaylen and Phineas quickly joined him. In pretty short order they smacked down the undead.

They went back to the trapdoor and up to the first level. They climbed the stairs to the walkway. They snuck to the skeleton musicians in front of the pipe organ. Quickly ending them. Before them stands the pipe organ. Right above the keyboard is five circular cutouts the size of ale tankards. Right above that are runes. Which they used the decoders to figure out what it says. Its said,


This is where we left off. Next time the conclusion of The Black Isles, and Team Thunderdome!

(a dull wooden nickle to the first one of you knows where the lyric is from)


Bungee said...

Brazenhead. Clutch. Of course! Did RJ show? Or call? Or write?

Ronin said...

Ok one I'm impressed that you were the first to identify to song.
Secondly I told Robert not to show up. I told him when the island hopping section started. If you miss a part that your out. Realistically if it had been a different part of the island hopping I might of let him play anyways. But they got to this island by magic. Not to mention they fought a bunch of stuff. So it wouldnt be fair to drop him in. So I told him not to show up. He'll be welcome next time. Course he'll have to show up. So we'll see.