Sunday, March 9, 2008

Onward to the top

Today's session was quick and combat heavy. Last time we found the party at the Inn. Turning in for the night. They were awoken by a servant boy. Freaking out yelling that the village is under attack. The party gears up and goes outside. They see an orange bridge made out of light. That has formed between the island and the island across the straights. An army of Dracotaurs is forming up to cross. Mean while advanced troops have already arrived on the island. Occupying the light house. (Which is more or less a step pyramid. With light reflecting mechanism.) With what appears to be their leader on the top of the light house. A Black Dragon (a young adult black dragon to be exact).

The village Chief tells the group. That the light house is an ancient weapon. If they can get to the top and figure it out. They can use it to fight off the invasion.

So the battle begins. They first engage three dracotaurs on the way to the light house. They quickly learn to close to melee quickly to prevent the dracotaurs from spiting globs of fire at them. They then battle two dracotaurs, and a 4th lvl barbarian dracotaur on the first tier. They quickly defeat them. They then move to engage the 4 regular dracotaurs on the second tier. The kill these then proceed to the third tier. Which is guarded by two 4th lvl barbarian dracotaurs. (They sounded like the Bart and Gurnie characters from the Bob and Tom morning show. A little inside joke for the group. Which they all enjoyed.)

Then came the final battle. They reached the top of the lighthouse. They exchanged banter for a moment. The dragon saying something along the lines of "You must be strong to make it this far. But it ends here. Mothers plan to rule the world is unstoppable."

They then fight. It went quicker than I expected. If I had it to do over I would have done some things a little differently. I don't think I really used the dragon to the best of its abilities. But next I'll know better! The dragon opened in traditional fashion with a breath weapon attack. then proceeded with bite, claw, and so on. I didn't bother to use any spells. As they only have a smattering of first level poop at that level. Its natural attacks were/are far more potent.

Well they of course defeat the dragon. Then they turn their attention to the light house mechanism. Gaylen makes a successful general knowledge roll. Figuring out how to use the light house. He directs the others. The barbarian brothers utilise their strength to open up the iris of the mechanism. While Gaylen and Hudson aim the reflector. A great beam of energy surges from it. Destroying the bridge. Depositing the dracotaurs not burned up to the sea.

Having destroyed the invasion. They reset the mechanism. Being of the blood thirsty variety. They carve up the dragons hide. So they can have it made into armor. They then meet with the overjoyed villagers. Teh plantation owners and shop keeps reward the characters for defending their island. They receive a necklace of fireballs, a headband of minor blasting, two ioun stones, Quaals feather token, healing potion, and a duck call. I think that kind of a lot of stuff. But I figured that they wont be getting much in the future. Not to mention the kind of are getting jipped on the dragons treasure.

The town asks them where they are going next. Then say "The Black Isles". They are then told that no one goes their. That no ship will take them. Hudson hears some one say "I know a way." Then someone else says shut up, don't tell them. They tell the person to speak up. He says the Dock of the Dead on the other side of the ocean. The Black Ferry will take them. Then the crowd pipes up again. Telling them that no one returns from the Black Isles.

So next time to the Dock of the Dead, and into the black.

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